Monday, July 21, 2008

Brewers Obtain Durham from Giants

The Brewers have obtained switch-hitting 2nd baseman Ray Durham from the San Francisco Giants. The Giants got Class A outfielder Darren Ford and Triple A left-hander Steve Hammond. Rickie Weeks will continue to be the starting 2nd baseman, Ned Yost plans to play Durham a couple times a week and see how it goes.
"We are trying to get as many good players as we can," said Milwaukee General Manager Doug Melvin, "We're trying to win this thing."
Durham stated that it was a "weird feeling" watching the finally of the Brewers 3 game series on Sunday and then packing up to fly with the Brewers to St. Loise where he will be wearing the #5 uniform tonight.
Durham will be valuable for his nearly equal stats. As a left-handed hitter against right-handed pitchers he has a .279 average with .354 on-base percentage. And vice versa he has a .277 average with a .344 on-base percentage.